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More Resources

beyond financial aid logo

Beyond Financial Aid

Students who qualify for and receive financial aid often still have other unmet needs. These range from adequate housing, good nutrition, transportation, healthcare and child care — and even things such as car repair, tax preparation and legal services. Beyond Financial Aid (BFA) helps low-income students overcome barriers created by limited resources, enabling them to focus on academics instead of worrying about just getting by. Beyond Financial Aid is a Lumina Foundation tool kit that helps close the degree attainment gap between economically disadvantaged and other students. BFA is an integral part of Morgan’s “50 by 25” campaign, by working toward ensuring that all students achieve scholastic success that translates into long-term economic independence.

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Bear Tracks logo

BEAR TRACKS (UNCF Career Pathways Initiative)

Bear Tracks is Morgan’s Career Pathways Initiative (CPI), a $2 million investment by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to strengthen career placement outcomes by increasing the number of Morgan graduates who achieve meaningful employment immediately after graduation. Bear Tracks uses a UNCF’s three-pronged approach designed to shape an undergraduate experience that results in “Students Engaged to Learn.”

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The “achievement gap” may be less about students’ ability to achieve than it is about their having the resources to succeed.