Student Success Collaborative
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Student Success Collaborative

Analytics Power '50 by 25’

Eliminating disparities in educational outcomes, and erasing the postsecondary achievement gap between students of color and other students, is built into the fabric of Morgan State University. Toward these ends, Morgan has implemented a powerful predictive analytics tool that will significantly increase degree attainment rates by quickly and effectively providing targeted support and intervention for at-risk and off-path students. Its foundation is a tested platform called SSC–Campus, from the Education Advisory Board (EAB). This research-driven student success management system combines technology, research and predictive analytics. By implementing SSC–Campus, Morgan has joined more than 450 colleges and universities in EAB’s Student Success Collaborative (SSC).

6 Things You Should Know About Morgan’s SSC–Campus Student Success Management System

What is it?

Using the scientific process of predictive analytics, Morgan is modernizing and reinventing the way it educates, looking at student and institutional data to make positive changes almost immediately. EAB’s student success management tool kit, called SSC–Campus, has been proven to increase first-year retention, degrees conferred to African Americans and the four-year graduation rate of students. EAB loaded 10 years of our institution’s historical data into SSC–Campus. A quarter of college or university students in the U.S. are now supported by EAB’s first-of-its-kind student success management system.

Whom does it help?

Consider these scenarios: a student signs up for the wrong course or discovers too late that credits from one institution don’t transfer to another or is struggling in an entry-level class. With stronger technology planning and advising systems in place, “red flag” warnings assist students, faculty and administrators in catching these problems early. Advisors intervene with real-time, analytics-based student interventions, integrating financial, career and academic counseling to provide seamless support.

Features of the SSC–Campus Student Success Management System

View a snapshot of critical student information for advising.

Receive timely notifications about student completion of gateway courses or grade thresholds.

Use custom search criteria to generate student lists and conduct proactive outreach.

Display student transcript data, including pre-enrollment and transfer information.

View semester-by-semester trends in student GPA and credit accumulation.

View a student’s level of risk within declared major based on historical institutional data.

Track interactions with students, including referrals to appropriate campus resources.

Generate data to assist with curriculum redesign.

How does it work?

The SSC–Campus student success management system is an advising and communication tool that keeps students on track toward graduation. It fosters collaboration between advisors, faculty and administrators and actively involves students in academic and career planning. This technology provides a holistic picture of students while preserving their privacy. The entire Morgan community can participate, including deans, department chairs, enrollment management and student support offices, and institutional research and assessment staff.

Is it faculty friendly?

EAB’s Academic Affairs Forum is a resource for teaching and learning, including the latest best practices and relevant research studies. Through the forum, faculty have access to policy briefs, webinars and other useful information. Morgan’s new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) helps faculty take data from the EAB, especially information to identify classes with high failure and drop-out rates and to assist in redesigning courses and integrating cutting-edge learning strategies into classes.

Where do I log in?

Advisors and student services staff use SSC-Campus. Go to Enter the Morgan username and password that you use for your Morgan email account, Websis, etc. (EAB is linked to Morgan’s single sign-on.)

Click the “Log in to Campus” button.

Page/Link to Access Data
This part of the site is password-protected, so only University faculty/staff can access it.

Certain courses can be markers of success. SSC– Campus flags those courses that are the most critical for each major, based on data insights. It can recommend target grades and when students should take each course.

Where can I learn more about using the SSC–Campus system?

Training videos (SSC Training Modules) on the following topics are available for viewing, on demand:

  • Basic navigation
  • Student profiles
  • Risk level
  • Success progress and notifications
  • Student lists
  • Or complete the EAB Help Form at